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Sunset Canyon Ranch – Rare Fly-fishing Gem of the Upper Colorado

“Many go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.” -Henry David Thoreau

Live the Colorado Fly Fishing Lifestyle

What fly fishing offers to the men and women who live for it is very rarely about the trout, be they cutthroat, brook or brown. And this is a good thing, because every fisherman knows there is no guarantee of a full creel at the end of the day. Instead, what is often a lifelong pursuit of mastery offers peace, solitude, the quiet rhythm of patient hope, and of course, the grinning pride of outsmarting the occasional finned adversary.

Why go fly fishing in Colorado?

Fishing the clear streams of the Colorado Rocky Mountain west brings with it a special kind of clarity. The views are outstanding, the air is clear, and the crowds are thinner. Many avid devotees of the fly rod make yearly pilgrimages to the gold medal waters of the Upper Colorado to experience all that it has to offer. They rent drift boats, pry out secret fishing spots from tight-lipped locals, and hire expert guides to take them to the best locations.

But time spent on the river is always too short.

Buy a Colorado fly fishing property

So imagine if home was ON the river. Imagine watching an unexpected hatch rise from the eddys and knowing that your rod was simply leaning against the porch, waiting for just such an opportunity. Imagine if the retreat from real life was your real life.

Sunset Canyon Ranch is one of the last private properties with river access to the Upper Colorado. This jewel of a property is rare, and it creates unlimited potential for everything that the rushing waters offers. Host friends, family and potential business partners in the pristine comfort of a remote, yet luxurious, truly one-of-a-kind ranch.

And then, at the end of the day, just before sunset, sneak out the back door, tie on a nymph and cast away.

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Colorado Ranches: The Dark Sky’s the Limit

When was the last time you saw the stars? I mean really SEE the stars at night. People are looking for dark sky destinations. Own your own when you buy a ranch for sale in Colorado.

Find a Dark Sky Destination on Your Colorado Ranch

“Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.” Stephen Hawking said this, and it seems as though more of us are doing just that–looking up at the stars! With a boom in popularity, star-gazing is a hobby that’s sure to make us stand in awe of this miraculous universe in which we live. To star-gaze properly, however, one needs a dark sky destination (remove link), remote locations away from ubiquitous city lights and “light pollution.” Owning a ranch gives you unparalleled opportunity to view the pristine night sky.

Star Gaze While Enjoying Your Ranch

When gazing upon the seemingly infinite skyscape in a dark sky location, it’s possible to observe not only stars and constellations, but oftentimes planets and satellites–maybe even the orbit of the International Space Station! Now imagine owning a wide swath of pristine land in a remote location that allows you to enjoy the night sky every clear night you are there–a luxury ranch in the great American West, where by day, you enjoy vistas with the grandeur of the landscape, and by night, you are blessed with appreciating the vast beauty of the heavens above you.

Get The Most Out of the Night Sky

A luxury ranch not only provides you with an amazing family gathering place and a lifestyle unmatched by any other type of home, but it provides a location perfect for discovering the nascent astronomer within you. When replacing or adding lighting to your home to incorporate this hobby, maximize the benefit of your natural surroundings by following these Dark Sky guidelines:

  • Choose shielded fixtures that direct light downward where you need it most but eliminates unnecessary light pollution;
  • Consider warm, white LEDs that are more energy-efficient, while reducing the glare of the blue light that interferes with star-gazing; and
  • Look for International Dark Sky Association approved lighting to be sure new lights meet these guidelines.

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Decorating Your Western Ranch: High Plains Style

There is an authenticity to Western ranch decorating that’s as rugged and honest as the Western landscape a ranch home graces. Ranch styles can be casual yet elegant, practical yet cozy, and are best brought into the ranch home decorating style to please the residents who appreciate the beauty of the land, waterways, and sky.

Western decorating often includes a nod to history and tradition depicted in art as well as cowboy and native American decorative elements. Animal-inspired touches reinforce a respect for native wildlife such as trout, moose, or local birds; and domestic animals central to ranch living, such as herding dogs, horses, and cattle.

Here are some examples of Western ranch home decor to illustrate beautiful choices to surround yourself with the outdoors while cuddling up indoors…

Decorating Your Western Ranch: High Plains Style

Rough and Rugged Living Spaces

This ranch-style kitchen embodies several elements of a ranching lifestyle, from the leather-covered stools to the extensive use of beautiful hardwood, a cowboy lifestyle art piece. Who wouldn’t want to belly up to the bar of this island and throw back a cold one here?

We loved this towering Western-style living room emphasizing the use of oversized furniture, rough-hewed wood, leather lamp shades, stone elements, and comfortable, worn leather upholstery. Note the chandelier with its lantern lights and charming wagon-wheel design. The room manages to feel cozy despite its massive proportions.

This rustic living room pays homage to Western American design as well as other elements traditional to the West, such as brushed leather-covered furniture, native print area rug, log-cabin construction, unique old chandelier, huge trophy bison head, and rugged stone work on the fireplace.

Cozy Western Bedroom Styles

Kids love the feeling of bunk house living in their own bunk house bedroom, complete with under-bunk storage for the kids’ gear, animal cut-out and lantern style wall sconces, and Indian print blankets!

Who says rustic can’t be elegant, too? Here’s a master bedroom fit for the ranch- owning couple. Note the western cowboy-themed art on the wall, and the mellow, warm colors with heavy wood and log detail.

Breakfast with a View

This simple wood table and chairs are the perfect accent for the ranch sitting room. Imagine enjoy your first cup of gourmet coffee while planning your day of fun and activities. The view out the sitting room window is inspiring and breathtaking.

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The Top 5 Colorado Westerns to Watch this Year

Nothing captures the spirit of ranching like an old western! The great classic westerns give rise to the cowboy or cowgirl in all of us, calling us to adventure, romance, and grit. Here is our list of top pics for western watching set in Colorado.

The Top 5 Colorado Westerns to Watch this Year

During the snowy, early-sunset winter season, watching movies with family and friends is one of most enjoyable ways to snuggle in and be entertained. Many wonderful western movies, set in the beautiful state of Colorado, should top your list of must-see films this year. Get the popcorn popping and settle in for these classics. This experience is made all the more enjoyable from your own Colorado Ranch.

This film, released in 1972, stars John Wayne as a rancher who hires a group of boys to help him drive his cattle to market. Set just outside of Pagosa Springs, adjacent to the largest wilderness area in Colorado, the movie showcases the beautiful Colorado vistas and how, by working together, you can overcome any obstacle in your path.

Released in 1969, the film stars Paul Newman and Robert Redford. This great American western, full of action, follows Butch and Sundance as they try to outrun the law. The filmmakers chose Animas River Gorge and the San Juan National Forest as the backdrop for this film. Fast-paced horse riding through the Colorado canyons and across the rivers — combined with the strength of friendship — makes this a film that you’ll want to watch over and over.

This film, released in 1969, is another great John Wayne movie. Wayne plays U.S. Marshal Rooster Cogburn who’s hired by a young woman to track down the man who killed her father. Filmed in Ouray & Ridgway Colorado, this film shows off the gorgeous forested mountains in the area.

Released in 1962 and starring John Ford, this film is an epic western, which follows several generations of one family as they travel across the country. They filmed parts of this movie in Durango, Colorado, which still contains many beautiful and historic buildings. This film is now considered a true classic with its panoramic views of the stunning Colorado landscape.

This film, released in 1956, stars John Wayne as a Civil War veteran who’s searching for his kidnapped niece. Many people consider this movie as one of the best westerns ever made. Filmed in Gunnison — which is known for its great fishing, hiking, and biking activities — you’ll fall in love with Colorado after watching this film.

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