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For such a small creature, the red fox is quite the majestic beauty. There is something magical about seeing one saunter across the grounds of your ranch, especially after a fresh snow. They are commonly found in many habitats throughout Colorado. These habitats include woodlands, open pastures, as well as urban areas closer to the city. They are rarely found in desert lands and their preferred habitat would be an area near water. These loners like to travel solo and typically stick to an area of around 5-10 square miles.

Colorado Ranch Wildlife - Red Foxes on your Ranch

The fox is one of the smaller members in the Canidae family. Weighing in around 8-15 pounds and growing to a length of only 3-4 feet, including its tail. And don’t let his name fool you. Although red is the most common color for this animal, it does vary in color. It can also be seen in cross, silver, and black. The one trait that remains common, is the white tip on its tail. These animals have a rather short life span, of just five years, when living in the wild. Which is less than half of its peers living in captivity, they can age up to 15 years.

Spring is mating season for the foxes. The male foxes mate in burrows with the vixen for several days. After that takes place the vixen is then in gestation for up to two months. An average litter size is around six kits, although there have been reports of vixen having up to 13 kits. The kits (also known as pups) mature rapidly. They are quite independent around 20 weeks but stay close to their den until fall comes. That is when they move out and begin a life of their own.

It is imperative to remember a few things about these animals should you cross one on your ranch. Colorado Parks and Wildlife reminds us that they are NOT pets. As cute and cuddly as they appear, never approach, feed or try to capture a fox. These are wild animals and you should treat them as such. The best thing to do if you see one, is to admire it from afar.

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