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You hear it all the time, that worn-out phrase: This is heaven on earth! But how many places can truly live up to that standard? Not as many as we would like. For a locale to be called “Heaven on Earth” it needs to offer a lot of qualities like freedom, beauty, comfort, and happiness. High Plains Ranch offers all of that, and so much more. Consider these eight amazing things about living on this Colorado Ranch:

High Plains Ranch - Colorado's Heaven on Earth

1. Main Lodge Luxury

Curl up around fireplace with a throw over your legs and your dog at your feet, sip your coffee overlooking the vast green expanse of paradise watching for wildlife to wander by — your ranch home will provide relaxation and comfort in rustic elegance and pristine beauty. And this amazing Colorado ranch is for sale!

2. Party Time With Friends & Family

Create happy, lasting memories with your children, family, and friends as you entertain in your party barn, feasting on food lovingly prepared by staff in your spacious and well-appointed kitchen. Socialize at your Western-style bar with friends while you contemplate a movie or a lively game of poker.

3. Hunting On Your Land

Experience the absolute freedom and privilege to hunt big and small game on your Ranch, as you participate in the Landowner Preference Program. Colorado Parks and Wildlife designed this program to give landowners a preference for hunting licenses and to encourage private landowners to provide healthy habitat that increases wildlife populations for the benefit of all hunters. Utilize your Ranch’s Hunting Lodge to outfit your friends and family so you can share this experience and create legacy memories, and maybe even a trophy or two.

4. Ski Without Crowds

Even though beautiful resort towns like Aspen and Vail are mere hours away, why mess with the traffic and bustle of busy ski slopes when you can enjoy the comfort and freedom of your very own slopes right here at home! Teach your children and grandchildren the joys of fresh powder, or have your personal snowcat driver groom your slopes for perfect corduroy.

5. Lake For Fishing, Canoeing, Skating

When that Colorado sun gets a little too much in July, cool off body and soul in fresh, cool mountain water of your own private lake. Enjoy early morning peacefulness of your Ranch as you listen to the water lap against the bow of your canoe. In winter when the ice thickens up, get your Zamboni out on the lake surface to create a most marvelous skating rink for a pick-up game of hockey or some laps around on figure skates before warming up with hot cocoa.

6. Toys, Toys & More Toys

Now take a peek in your toy store. In the winter, burn off cabin fever by taking your family on an exciting snowmobile ride around your thousands of acres of private land. In summer, experience the thrill of crawling over boulders and impressive rock formations on your RTVs. Or simply take a relaxing drive in your pick-up truck to see your cattle and horses grazing, and catch the sunset with your loved ones by your side.

7. Your World

Short of installing your very own landing strip, you can enjoy the ease of landing your private plane at the McElroy Airfield whose staff can help coordinate your travel needs, including a shuttle to deliver you right to your front door.

8. The City

If you are ever in need of the amenities or bustle of civilization, exciting Denver is just a couple of hours away — close enough to offer its services, but far enough to leave your magical ranch world undisturbed.

Contact Ranch Sellers - Colorado's Premier Ranch Broker Team

Let those dreams come true and start making great things happen for you and your family by choosing High Plains Ranch as your very personal piece of Colorado Heaven on Earth. If you’re ready to discover what “heaven on earth” truly means, don’t hesitate contact the Ranch Sellers team.

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