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Why Horses are Great for you and your Colorado Ranch

Colorado is a state of 14,000 plus snow-capped peaks, mountainsides covered by the changing leaves of aspen in autumn, and rivers that span great divides and narrow gorges. It is a land of immense beauty where rodeos and cowboys have been the mainstay, and mustangs can still be found amidst the pines and pinion-junipers. Riding through the majestic lands of Colorado atop a horse is one of great traditions living in the west.

Why Horses Are Great For You & Your Colorado Ranch

Horses on Working Ranches

In today’s world of rounding up cattle on ATVs, horses have found their positions as wrangler’s helpers in decline. But, as the cowboy Tony Marshall relayed in an article in, “Four-wheelers have their place, and I use them all the time, but moving cows on one is like digging a ditch with a spoon. It can be done, but it isn’t a good use of one’s time.” Trying to rein a cow in on an ATV can produce a wild cow, especially if she’s accompanied by her calf. Recently, a trio of stockmen traveled to 20 states demonstrating this principle in what is commonly referred to as low-stress livestock handling.

Besides helping maintain a calm environment, horses offer an extra set of eyes and ears which are much better than humans, locating cattle quicker and more efficiently. Cattle and horses develop a rhythm and there are some locations that only horses can get into and out of quickly. Their instinctive nature can respond to predators and potholes quicker than a man by himself on an ATV.

Horses on Recreational Ranches

As Winston Churchill stated, “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” There’s a bond that develops—an unspoken trust between rider and horse. Riding just as the sun begins its ascent into the eastern sky and the clouds are transforming from pink and purple wisps to sun-kissed gold is one of the best ways to start your day. It reminds us of the peace that transcends all and the importance of taking time out of our busy lives to reconnect with something greater than ourselves. Just try to remain stressed when you’re on a horse! On second thought, don’t. Chances are you won’t stay on that horse for very long.

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Snowcats: Bringing the ‘Wild Life’ to Your Colorado Ranch in Winter

Wildlife abounds in the high country of Colorado. Deer, elk, marmots, foxes, bears and more roam freely through the thousands of pristine acres on Colorado mountain properties. Although summer is the prime viewing season for most of the animal denizens, winter invites some rather unique visitors as well.

Why use a snowcat on your mountain ranch in the winter?

One of the rarest and most fascinating of these creatures is the fabled ‘Snowcat.’ Larger than its feline brothers the cougar and lynx, it leaves a distinctive track. Wide belts of corduroy follow it wherever it goes, grooming out the imperfections in piles of Rocky Mountain snow surfaces.

Rumored to be a matched pair living on the property, snowcats create hours of winter fun. Sometimes they encourage cross-country skiers, out for a relaxing morning or evening tour of the property. Other days, the more adventurous alpine skiers will hitch a ride on the ‘cats’ docile backs to link some perfect turns on the way back down to their private apres’ in the lodge. These snowcats are so versatile, they even pave the way for herds of high-octane snowmobiles.

They are truly an indispensable part of winter adventure ecology.

Through a simple process, the snowcat uses its powerful rotors to turn over the snow, loosening the structure and breaking apart any icy chunks. It then smooths the disturbed snow with its drag tail to leave that iconic ridged corduroy trail. Whether softening and smoothing a freeze/thaw icy patch, or firming up the deep shoals of loose powder after a big storm, the groomed path opens up hundreds of incredible opportunities for both residents and their guests.

Caution: After prolonged exposure to the private snowcat experience, many people refuse to return to crowded resorts and long ski-day commutes.

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Living up to the Standard: High Plains Ranch – Colorado’s Heaven on Earth

You hear it all the time, that worn-out phrase: This is heaven on earth! But how many places can truly live up to that standard? Not as many as we would like. For a locale to be called “Heaven on Earth” it needs to offer a lot of qualities like freedom, beauty, comfort, and happiness. High Plains Ranch offers all of that, and so much more. Consider these eight amazing things about living on this Colorado Ranch:

High Plains Ranch - Colorado's Heaven on Earth

1. Main Lodge Luxury

Curl up around fireplace with a throw over your legs and your dog at your feet, sip your coffee overlooking the vast green expanse of paradise watching for wildlife to wander by — your ranch home will provide relaxation and comfort in rustic elegance and pristine beauty. And this amazing Colorado ranch is for sale!

2. Party Time With Friends & Family

Create happy, lasting memories with your children, family, and friends as you entertain in your party barn, feasting on food lovingly prepared by staff in your spacious and well-appointed kitchen. Socialize at your Western-style bar with friends while you contemplate a movie or a lively game of poker.

3. Hunting On Your Land

Experience the absolute freedom and privilege to hunt big and small game on your Ranch, as you participate in the Landowner Preference Program. Colorado Parks and Wildlife designed this program to give landowners a preference for hunting licenses and to encourage private landowners to provide healthy habitat that increases wildlife populations for the benefit of all hunters. Utilize your Ranch’s Hunting Lodge to outfit your friends and family so you can share this experience and create legacy memories, and maybe even a trophy or two.

4. Ski Without Crowds

Even though beautiful resort towns like Aspen and Vail are mere hours away, why mess with the traffic and bustle of busy ski slopes when you can enjoy the comfort and freedom of your very own slopes right here at home! Teach your children and grandchildren the joys of fresh powder, or have your personal snowcat driver groom your slopes for perfect corduroy.

5. Lake For Fishing, Canoeing, Skating

When that Colorado sun gets a little too much in July, cool off body and soul in fresh, cool mountain water of your own private lake. Enjoy early morning peacefulness of your Ranch as you listen to the water lap against the bow of your canoe. In winter when the ice thickens up, get your Zamboni out on the lake surface to create a most marvelous skating rink for a pick-up game of hockey or some laps around on figure skates before warming up with hot cocoa.

6. Toys, Toys & More Toys

Now take a peek in your toy store. In the winter, burn off cabin fever by taking your family on an exciting snowmobile ride around your thousands of acres of private land. In summer, experience the thrill of crawling over boulders and impressive rock formations on your RTVs. Or simply take a relaxing drive in your pick-up truck to see your cattle and horses grazing, and catch the sunset with your loved ones by your side.

7. Your World

Short of installing your very own landing strip, you can enjoy the ease of landing your private plane at the McElroy Airfield whose staff can help coordinate your travel needs, including a shuttle to deliver you right to your front door.

8. The City

If you are ever in need of the amenities or bustle of civilization, exciting Denver is just a couple of hours away — close enough to offer its services, but far enough to leave your magical ranch world undisturbed.

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Let those dreams come true and start making great things happen for you and your family by choosing High Plains Ranch as your very personal piece of Colorado Heaven on Earth. If you’re ready to discover what “heaven on earth” truly means, don’t hesitate contact the Ranch Sellers team.

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How to Choose the Best Cattle Dog for Your Western Ranch

When you are dreaming of your new ranch and everything that goes with it, there are many things that can round out the perfect ranching lifestyle. One of the items to think about is choosing the best cattle dog for your Colorado mountain ranch property.

How to Choose the Best Cattle Dog for Colorado Mountain Ranch

Cattle or livestock herding dogs are selectively bred to do just that – herd. The American Kennel Clublists 30 breeds in the herding category – below are our five favorites. These are breeds that can do their job in an excellent manner, and do double duty as an ideal hunting dog or family pet. We did the research for you and below are a few popular top candidates to choose from when selecting a canine ranch worker or loyal companion, and they are also game to join you on your family’s Colorado outdoor winter activities!

Australian Cattle Dog aka Queensland Heeler

This breed needs a job to do. Very active and driven, they like to stay busy and can be extremely playful. They are one of the smartest working dogs and easy to train when that training starts early. But caution – they can become mischievous if they are bored! This is an alert and loyal dog who is very attentive, and in tune with his master.

Australian Shepherd aka Aussie

Aussies are another dog that needs to work. They are aggressive when at work and then instantly become a playful and loving family pet, and that love of play lasts well into their golden years. Excellent watchdogs and guardians, they are a great all-around dog.

Border Collie

Border Collies love to be praised for a job well done. They thrive on pleasing their people. This remarkably intelligent breed requires loads of exercise and excels at agility courses as well as herding work. They make a fun and lively family pet, but do need monitoring with smaller animals such as cats and poultry.


Corgis are one of the smaller herding dogs but are in no way less effective. Their heeling abilities are quite impressive for their size. They make excellent watchdogs and are very affectionate with their family. It is important to let Corgis know that all family members are above them in the chain of command. They can become bossy if they feel that they are in an alpha position – tell them who is in charge!

Old English Sheepdog

The herding instinct is so ingrained in this breed that they usually need to be taught NOT to herd people. Old English Sheepdogs are happy, friendly dogs that love being part of a family. They are great with children and love to play well into adulthood. They are another breed that needs firm training in the beginning. They will ignore commands if they feel they are higher in the family “pack”.

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Sunset Canyon Ranch – Rare Fly-fishing Gem of the Upper Colorado

“Many go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.” -Henry David Thoreau

Live the Colorado Fly Fishing Lifestyle

What fly fishing offers to the men and women who live for it is very rarely about the trout, be they cutthroat, brook or brown. And this is a good thing, because every fisherman knows there is no guarantee of a full creel at the end of the day. Instead, what is often a lifelong pursuit of mastery offers peace, solitude, the quiet rhythm of patient hope, and of course, the grinning pride of outsmarting the occasional finned adversary.

Why go fly fishing in Colorado?

Fishing the clear streams of the Colorado Rocky Mountain west brings with it a special kind of clarity. The views are outstanding, the air is clear, and the crowds are thinner. Many avid devotees of the fly rod make yearly pilgrimages to the gold medal waters of the Upper Colorado to experience all that it has to offer. They rent drift boats, pry out secret fishing spots from tight-lipped locals, and hire expert guides to take them to the best locations.

But time spent on the river is always too short.

Buy a Colorado fly fishing property

So imagine if home was ON the river. Imagine watching an unexpected hatch rise from the eddys and knowing that your rod was simply leaning against the porch, waiting for just such an opportunity. Imagine if the retreat from real life was your real life.

Sunset Canyon Ranch is one of the last private properties with river access to the Upper Colorado. This jewel of a property is rare, and it creates unlimited potential for everything that the rushing waters offers. Host friends, family and potential business partners in the pristine comfort of a remote, yet luxurious, truly one-of-a-kind ranch.

And then, at the end of the day, just before sunset, sneak out the back door, tie on a nymph and cast away.

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Colorado Ranches: The Dark Sky’s the Limit

When was the last time you saw the stars? I mean really SEE the stars at night. People are looking for dark sky destinations. Own your own when you buy a ranch for sale in Colorado.

Find a Dark Sky Destination on Your Colorado Ranch

“Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.” Stephen Hawking said this, and it seems as though more of us are doing just that–looking up at the stars! With a boom in popularity, star-gazing is a hobby that’s sure to make us stand in awe of this miraculous universe in which we live. To star-gaze properly, however, one needs a dark sky destination (remove link), remote locations away from ubiquitous city lights and “light pollution.” Owning a ranch gives you unparalleled opportunity to view the pristine night sky.

Star Gaze While Enjoying Your Ranch

When gazing upon the seemingly infinite skyscape in a dark sky location, it’s possible to observe not only stars and constellations, but oftentimes planets and satellites–maybe even the orbit of the International Space Station! Now imagine owning a wide swath of pristine land in a remote location that allows you to enjoy the night sky every clear night you are there–a luxury ranch in the great American West, where by day, you enjoy vistas with the grandeur of the landscape, and by night, you are blessed with appreciating the vast beauty of the heavens above you.

Get The Most Out of the Night Sky

A luxury ranch not only provides you with an amazing family gathering place and a lifestyle unmatched by any other type of home, but it provides a location perfect for discovering the nascent astronomer within you. When replacing or adding lighting to your home to incorporate this hobby, maximize the benefit of your natural surroundings by following these Dark Sky guidelines:

  • Choose shielded fixtures that direct light downward where you need it most but eliminates unnecessary light pollution;
  • Consider warm, white LEDs that are more energy-efficient, while reducing the glare of the blue light that interferes with star-gazing; and
  • Look for International Dark Sky Association approved lighting to be sure new lights meet these guidelines.

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